Faith FiveM LUA Executor



Local – Options on yourself, such as Godmode, noclip etc..
On Players – Options that are used on players, such as Teleport Player To Me, Spectate Player, Crash Player etc…
On All Player – This is the same as On Players, but it executes it on every player rather than the selected player.
Teleport – Teleport to waypoint, to certain places etc..
World – Control the world around you, change the weather, Waves, npcs, Spawn blackholes, Flying Vehicles, RainBow Vehicles, Teleport Vehicle to Me etc…
Vehicle Manager – Spawn Vehicles, Change vehicles engines colors etc..
Weapons – Spawn Weapons
Object Spawner – Spawn Objects into the world, example you can spawn a rock on the ground.
Protections – Protections for crash methods, kicks etc.
Lua Executor – Execute Lua into the game
Resource – View Resources, Block Resources, Network Block Resources, Partial Block Resources, Execute resource functions ( Resources are basicly the Plugins that server owners create/download )
ESP – Esp just your regular esp.
Aimbot – low Fov aimbot, adjust gun settings, choose which bone etc.
Anti-Anticheat – Bypasses for various different server anticheats, such as ATG, choco etc. Features such as, Replicate Heartbeat will be in here.
FiveM – Exclusive features of servers resources.
Cloud – Save Scripts into the cloud where others that use the same product also can see the scripts.
Language – Choose between different languages we provide.+
Misc – Misc features for games such as RapidFire, Speedhack etc..

Faith works on Windows 7 up to latest windows 11 build.

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