Raiden User Manual

Mod Menu: Raiden



Download here


How to download

  1. Visit the Raiden website: here then Register/Sign in
  2. On the home tab, paste your key into under “Key Redemption” then click “Redeem Key”
  3. Head to the “Downloads” tab and click “Download Launcher”

How to Inject

  1. Open GTA and load into story mode.
  2. Open the Raiden updater. Enter your username and password from the Raiden website. Wait for the updater to finish downloading the needed files.
  3. When it’s finished, a new loader will pop up. Your credentials should be auto filled, but if not, enter your account details once more then click login.
  4. Click GTA V in the top left then click “Load”
  5. Wait for the menu to inject. Press F12 or NUM * to open.
How to Inject



  • Open Menu: NUMPAD * | F12
  • Move up: NUMPAD 8 | Up Arrow
  • Move Down: NUMPAD 2 | Down Arrow
  • Scroll Left: NUMPAD 4 | Left Arrow
  • Scroll Right: NUMPAD 6 | Right Arrow
  • Toggle / Enter submenu: NUMPAD 5 | Enter
  • Go back: NUMPAD 0 | Backspace


  • Make sure you have no graphical mods installed.
  • Disable any overlays like the Steam overlay.
  • Make sure your anti virus is fully disabled or that every Raiden related file is added as an exception.
  • Make sure your game is set to DirectX 11.
  • If the issues persist, join the Raiden Discord server by linking your account on their website.